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LUX EUROPA is the association of national Lighting Societies of at present 20 European countries:
Czech Republic,
Russian Confederation,
Slovak Republic,
United Kindom.

One of the main tasks of LUX EUROPA is to spread lighting ideas, lighting knowledge and lighting expertise by holding European lighting conferences every four years in another country of the member societies. These conferences are held for users and designers of lighting plants, for architects, scientists of many faculties, ergonomists, manufacturers of lamps, luminaries and control gears and are usually attended by about 300 to 500 participants. Furthermore LUX EUROPA is a general platform for the exchange of lighting ideas and for the discussion of lighting problems and new research results. LUX EUROPA supports the activities of the CIE. Especially now, as the European Union is growing strongly and the European standardisation work in the field of lighting is pushed forward, an European forum for discussion within LUX EUROPA is an important factor for the spreading of lighting knowledge. Hereby the European lighting conferences LUX EUROPA play an important role. Another form of exchange, e.g. joined European working groups as desired by some scientists, could not be established until now due to economical reasons.
Founding Members of LUX EUROPA
Founding members of LUX EUROPA were the folllowing countries: B, CH, DE, ES, F, HU, IT, IS, NL, UK
Since 1969 conferences are held every fourth year.

The following table shows, in which country and in which city the conferences took place in the respective year.

01. 1969 F Strasbourg
02. 1973 B Bruxelles
03. 1977 IT Firenze
04. 1981 ES Granada
05. 1985 CH Lausanne
06. 1989 HU Budapest
07. 1993 UK Edinburgh
08. 1997 NL Amsterdam
09. 2001 IS Reykjavik
10. 2005 DE Berlin
11. 2009 TU Istanbul
12. 2013 PL Krakow
Statutes of LUX EUROPA

LUX EUROPA is the association of the National Lighting Societies, Institutes or Committees of the European Countries.


LUX EUROPA aims to promote lighting knowledge and practice in all fields through technical, scientific and cultural links and cooperation between the member countries.



3.1 provide a forum for discussion on light and lighting topics and associated activities,
3.2 promote and stimulate the exchange of ideas through publications and meetings of member bodies,
3.3 stage the LUX EUROPA Congress every four years in a different member country, known as the “host country”. The congress shall not coincide with the four-yearly CIE Congress,
3.4 support the activities of the CIE,
3.5 be a non-financial contributory organization.


LUX EUROPA will be open to any European country through one Society, Institute or Committee, as recognized by the Council

A member will undertake to participate and promote all activities of LUX EUROPA.
A member accepts and will abide by the rules of the association as set out in the Statutes of LUX EUROPA.
A country can become a member of LUX EUROPA by filling in and signing the attached Application Form and sending it to the acting Secretariat of LUX EUROPA.


LUX EUROPA shall be constituted by a Council managed by the Board of Directors and supported by an Advisory Committee.

5.1 Council

Each member country shall nominate a member of their national body to represent their interest on the LUX EUROPA Council. All members of the Council will be eligible to vote and each member shall have a single vote.

The Council shall be the governing body of LUX EUROPA.
The Council shall meet at least every two years. One of the meetings will coincide with the LUX EUROPA Congress.
The Council shall elect 10 (ten) of its members to serve on the Board of Directors.

When the number of candidates equals the number of vacancies in the Board of Directors, no voting will be required.
When the number of candidates exceeds the number of vacancies, each member of the Council has the right to vote on as many candidates as there are vacancies. Candidates with most votes will be elected in the Board of Directors. If, for the last position(s) in the Board, the votes are equally divided, then a separate voting will take place for that (those) position(s).

5.2 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages all activities as requested by the Policy Statements of LUX EUROPA.
The Board of Directors will consist of no more man 10 (ten) member elected by and responsible to the LUX EUROPA Council. They will be known as Directors of LUX EUROPA.
The Director who is the member of the country hosting the next LUX
EUROPA Congress, shall be the President of the Council and Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Presidency shall be handed over after each LUX EUROPA Congress.
If matters in the meeting of the Board of Directors require a voting, decisions will be reached from a voting result with a simple majority. In the case that the votes are equally divided, then the vote of the Chairman will be decisive.
The Directors will serve for a four year period, but no more than half the membership shall retire at anyone time.
The Board of Directors shall be assisted in its work by an Advisory Committee and a Secretariat.

5.3 Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee Supports die Board of Directors in all matters both on request and uncalled for.
Each member country has the right to nominate one member for the Advisory Committee. Members of the Advisory Committee should be selected from experts working in the technical, educational or scientific field of lighting.
Members of the Advisory Committee serve for a four year period, but no more than half of the membership shall retire at anyone time. Members will be nominated during one of the bi-annual meetings of the Council.
During the two years preceding the LUX Europa Congress, the Advisory Committee (or a part thereof) will act as Paper Committee for the Congress.
The Paper Committee will advise the Board of Directors with respect to:
-the papers to be selected from the submitted abstracts,
-a proposed Congress program on the basis of the selected papers,
-invited Speakers to present an introductory paper for each of the themes in the program.

5.4 Secretariat

The Secretariat shall be provided and funded by the "host country".
The change from one "host country" to the other shall take place after the accomplishment of the complete work connected with the Congress, but not later man one year after the closure of the Congress.
The Secretary of the Secretariat acts as the Secretary of the Board of Directors.
The Secretariat shall confirm and announce the acceptance of a new member.


The official languages of LUX EUROPA are English, French and German.
During the LUX EUROPA Congresses. all Speeches, lectures or communications as well as the discussion will be held in one of the three official languages with simultaneous translation in the other official languages by officially recognized interpreters.
If the national language of the "host country" is not one of the three official languages, the welcoming address may be held in a fourth language with simultaneous translation into the three official languages.
The "host country" has also the liberty to provide a simultaneous translation in its national language when this is not one of the three official languages In a LUX EUROPA Congress. the presentation of rather specialized subjects may take place in one or more sessions parallel to the main Session. In those sessions, no simultaneous translation is required, but the papers have to be presented in one of the three official languages of LUX EUROPA.
The same rules apply for the presentation of posters.

About the LUX EUROPA website
If you ask a person which is not involved in LUX EUROPA by being member of a committee or just organizing a conference the simple question "What is LUX EUROPA?" You can get answers from "Don´t know" to "Anyway, some lighting people of different countries which meet at a conference every fourth year". You can get in reverse the question "LUX EUROPA? Do they have statutes?"
Kwowledge about LUX EUROPA is poorly spread. Every fourth year another country starts at level Zero to organize the next LUX EUROPA conference. Difficulties occur even in getting contact with the representatives of some member societies.
To take step toward an improvement the lighting societies of the four german speaking countries Austria, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland (which organize every second year a joined conference of these four lighting societies) initialized a start-up project. More information about LUX EUROPA should be collected and presented in the internet.
As a first step the starting version of a website was created You are just looking at.
Now information must be loaded up by the different member countries. The more information will be found in the website, the more interest to use the website can be noticed, the more proposals are made for improvements - the more features will be added, the more interesting possibilities will be provided to the users.
So it is up to You as user of the website, how it will be developed. Join the project: Help to develop the website to become a powerful tool for collecting, preserving and distributing knowledge about LUX EUROPA.
Become a coworker. Show where we have made mistakes, give proposals for improvements or features to add. We thank you in advance!

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